Worlds Largest Game of Jenga

If you haven’t seen this video of the worlds largest Jenga game ever played, then you’re in for a treat. I can only imagine what even one of those blocks weighs. As you’re watching it you’ll first think they’re just going to be like that guy, who in real jenga always just gets the center block, not so. Keep watching as they start to get more and more dangerous with their block picking.

It’s video’s like these that remind us why we love our job. Maybe we’re all just kids at heart but it goes beyond that. We love excavation not just to work with big machinery, but we love contributing to the St George skyline so-to-speak. Being able to set the foundation of so many major projects here, as well as the smaller ones like homes and backyards; that’s what we live for.

So take a look at this video because it will make you happy, then take a look at us for all of your excavation needs, because we’ll make you happy too.

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