What Should You Expect or Prepare for When Installing a Pool in Your Backyard

What should you expect or prepare for when installing a pool in your backyard? There are a few things that can happen when excavating a pool in a backyard. Here is a list of what could happen, and the different options you will have if those things happen.

Photo Credit: PortoBay Hotels & Resorts on flickr

1. Damage to Surrounding Ground

Unfortunately the only way to remove the dirt and other heavy objects that were dug up, is by truck, very large trucks. So the access path as well as the path that these trucks and tractors will be driving on may incur some damage. Excavators will usually do their best to avoid as much damage as possible, but unfortunately there is no other way to remove the excess dirt.

2. Hitting Rock

One of the issues an excavator will run into is rock, now this can be avoided if the client has had a soil check done, which more often than not they haven’t had one. So when it comes to hitting rock there are few different routes that can be taken:

    • Hammer or blast the rock away. This can cost quite a bit extra though, but the plus side    is that the pool gets to stay where it was originally planned to be.
    • Keep the pool in its original spot but elevate it instead, again this can cost a little extra due to more material and etc.
    • Move the pool. This could cause a little extra damage to the yard, as now the excavator has to dig random holes to see where there is less rock.

So to keep safe, it’d be smart to get a soil check done before you have an excavator come in to dig a pool.

3. Amount of Dirt

Something to keep in mind is the amount of dirt that will be dug out of your yard. Most people really don’t realize how much actually comes out of a pool excavation. Make sure to plan ahead with your excavator to get the stuff hauled out, so you’re not the one who is wheel barrowing out tons of dirt on your days off, or having to pay extra to hire help.

Hopefully this will help you in planning for your pool installation. Remember too that Creative Excavating can build you the pool of your dreams and help in all the planning as well.