Vandalism and Theft Going Around

We as a company feel that it is important to pass the word a long when we feel and know something is going wrong and needs to be addressed. Our company as well as a few others have had some vandalism, and other things taken from possession. As a company we like to bring that to everyone’s attention and let you guys know, hoping it doesn’t happen to you because you’re aware that it is going on. So keep your eyes open, and hopefully we will find them. We hope they get what’s coming to them for the damage they have caused to everyone.


This is an image of a six wheeler that was stolen from a company two-three weeks ago, at the same time the vandalism happened to us as well as three other companies. We’re sharing this image because if you come across it, bring it to the attention of the authorities so we can get it back to its rightful owner.

Hopefully with all of us being aware we can lower how much this is going around. So keep your eyes open and lock up your stuff!

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