Stone Cliff Parade Home

Keystone Homes, Steve Sheffield and Jeff Weaver pulled off this immaculate home in 90 days, just in time for the 2016 Parade of Homes, who does this?  WOW!  Everyone said it was impossible; however, it became possible because of everyone’s positive attitudes, efforts, and endless nights and weekends.  Not only did it come together, it came together with the vision Steve Sheffield, which he drew up on a napkin for James and said, “start digging and will figure it out, just make sure the temple is the center point when you first walk in and look out the windows”.  4 machines on the job at once, 230 loads of rocks was exported from this property, and wall after wall was added as the home when up. Not only that, the temple ended up in the right spot to be the focal point when you first walked in.  Bradon, Derick, Jerry,Clay, Bundle, TJ, Taylor, Les, James and Royce and everyone else pulled this Parade of Home together.  These boys definitely know how to pull through with expertise, artist-ism and pressure.  Go check out this immaculate home built by Keystone Homes.

Photo Credit: Tyler Volksen at Volksen Media