Rebounding St George Real Estate Market

Things are happening here in St George, the real estate market has made a solid recovery. And although it isn’t going crazy like it was a few years back, that’s probably a good thing. There is an excitement in the air too that we haven’t seen for some time, especially for things such as a possible new water park coming into the area (link).

Northbridge Excavation Project - August 2010

All of these things contribute to a rebounding real estate market that allows people to have a greater desire to move to places like St George. And it makes for a great city to raise a family in.

A lot of things contribute to the real estate rebound, one of them is the business conditions that are fostered here in St George, primarily due to it’s warmer winters and numerous festivals and events such as the Marathon and Huntsman Senior games.

A local business owner Greg Wreath of Market Cafe recently said this

“Business nearly doubles this time of year. It is nearly a 100% increase.” —

So there are a lot of things to be excited about in the St George real estate market, and it’s something we here at Creative Excavating are proud to be apart of.

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