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Our primary goal, at Creative Excavating, Inc., is to provide our clients with trustworthy and well-performed excavation. We work hard to establish repeat customers. It is our objective to provide quality excavation services, affordability, and effective communication with our clients. We strive to provide the community with well planned ideas and astonishing creations, as well as top-notch equipment to get the job done right.

As we perform, we pride ourselves on providing professional advice, knowledgeable, dependable employees, and superior work. Most importantly, we assure you that we offer competitive rates and we meet or exceed our clients expectations. We listen carefully to the clients ideas and offer professional ideas of our own. Here at Creative, we realize that there are many excavating contractors out there, and to be at the top of the list you have to team up with your clientele, listen to each individual need, and follow through on every step of the job.

As a company, we realize you cannot take safety too seriously. We have bi-weekly safety meetings that discuss upcoming projects and the important safety precautions we must take to ensure each individuals safety with every particular job.

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