Drain pipe digging in St. George, Utah

How To Backfill

Backfilling is the process of putting soil back inside a trench or in a foundation when the excavation has been completed. The backfill process requires skills and knowledge on the specifications, contract requirements and understanding soil conditions. Backfilling is used in tasks such as protecting landscaping, foundations or filling in the voids in underground structures. Every soil has unique characteristics requiring different construction techniques to ensure optimum performance.

Impact loading of the pipeline, shafts, structures, and appurtenances must be avoided during the placement of backfill. Backfilling can be done using the following techniques.

How to Compact Backfill in Trenches

This material is then compacted using some means such as a compactor on an excavator or a “jumping jack”-type compactor. Compact soils to not less than the percentages of maximum dry density as determined in accordance with ASTM D698, Method A (Standard Proctor). The soil lift will depend upon the nature of the backfill, and the compaction equipment to be used. Water may be added during the compaction process, to assist with compaction. The following steps are recommended:

  1. Backfill in layers of 4″-6″ (non-organic fill and clean of debris)
  2. Compact with a 1000lb compactor
  3. Water thoroughly
  4. Repeat first three steps

Credits for article  By Juan Rodriguez

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