Tips when hiring an Excavation Company

Excavation is serious business. There is a lot that can go wrong if an excavation job goes bad. In fact, damage done by digging or clearing land can be irreparable. Therefore, it is important to hire the right excavating company from the start. By asking the right questions and properly vetting companies for a project, those hiring excavation companies will be much more satisfied with the results.

Steps for Choosing the Best Excavating Company

Gather Recommendations
Asking other people about their experience with an excavating company is one of the most important things that can be done when choosing a company. By receiving honest answers about how the company performed, it is much easier to choose the company that will work best for the job at hand.

When gathering recommendations, there are a few key questions that should be asked. Some of these questions include:

Was the project completed to the expected standard?

An answer of “no” to this question is a big red flag. Unless the person answering this question had unreasonable expectations, a project should always be completed to the agreed upon standard. Any project that has been done poorly or remained unfinished is a strike against that company’s name.

Did the company stay on time and within the budget?

There are many things that can happen to affect schedules and budgets. Problems with the weather, obtaining permits, and aligning schedules happen frequently. While it is not realistic to expect every single job to be done ahead of time and under budget, most jobs should be completed close to their scheduled date and without going far over the allotted budget.

Were the machines and equipment used up to date and in working order?

Problems with machines breaking down or being too outdated for the work can increase the amount of time it takes to complete a project immensely. The longer the machines are out of commission, the longer the project will take and, as a result, the more the project will cost. In the worst cases, the old machines may be unable to complete the job altogether. This would result in having to hire yet another company to finish the job which would most likely far exceed the initial budget.

Is this a company that would be rehired for future projects?

The most telling thing about how well a company has performed is whether they would be rehired for another job. If someone who has used their services feels indifferent about their work or would not hire them again, that can be a big warning sign. The result of a great excavating company’s services should be satisfied clients that would love to work with them again.

Consider Experience Level

No matter which service is being offered, something that most people look for before making a hiring decision is how long the individual or company has been in the industry. Hiring someone who has only worked a few small jobs can be a recipe for disaster. When beginning an excavating project, it is important to verify that the crew working on the job is experienced, the crew will not be filled with apprentices or temporary workers, and less experienced employees will be closely monitored. By ensuring that the excavating company and its employees have years of experience, the chance of getting a great result increases substantially.

Verify Licenses and Permit
There are many different licenses that a company must possess to be considered a legitimate business. Also, there are permits for individual jobs that should be obtained before starting the excavation process.

When investigating which company to use, it’s important to make sure they have all the proper licenses required for the location they will be working in and the type of work they are doing.

Once the company is hired, it is important to check that they have applied for and received all the permits required for the individual job. Permits may need to be obtained throughout the project, so staying aware of the permits needed and making sure they are applied for is essential for staying legal throughout the process.

The Best Crew for the Job

Since being established in 2005, Creative Excavating has been dedicated to going above and beyond to make themselves one of the best excavating companies in the business. Their attention to detail in every service they offer has rewarded them with countless repeat customers.

This excavating company in St. George, UT offers incredible employees, an impressive history of completed projects, and a huge variety of services. For projects of any size and scope, Creative Excavating should be the first call.

Services Offered by Creative Excavating

Creative Excavating offers a myriad of services big and small. Their ability to do a variety of jobs, and do them well, sets them apart from their competition. Whether looking to demolish a structure, build a retaining wall, or anything in between, Creative Excavating is the company to call.

Retaining Walls

There are many reasons to build a rock or block retaining wall. Aesthetics, function, and more all come in to play when a retaining wall is being built. Creative Excavating can provide estimates, talk with clients about the project, and educate clients about what will be needed to create the retaining wall of their dreams.

Basement Excavation

Having a basement, especially in the warm southern Utah climate, can be a great addition to a home. Basements are a wonderful place to stay cool and they add more square footage to a living space. The professionals at Creative Excavating will help to determine whether a basement is a possibility based on the land and soil, they will come up with an excavation plan that fits the homeowner’s needs, and they will create the perfect excavated space for a basement.

Underground Utilities

Many people do not realize how many utilities run right under their feet. These underground utilities are essential for modern living. Creative Excavating can excavate for utility jobs both big and small. Whether it be storm drain systems, sewers, power lines, or main water pipes that are needed, this team can complete the job quickly and efficiently.


Foundations are the base upon which every structure is built. Everything from homes to skyscrapers and even streetlights must have a sturdy footing to keep them upright and structurally sound. Creative Excavating will excavate the perfect footing or foundation for jobs of every size. Their footings will ensure that whatever is built on top of them will be as sturdy as can be.


While most picture digging and dumping dirt when thinking of excavating machines, the machines used are terrific for demolition, as well. Bulldozers, excavators, and more can be used for the careful deconstruction of structures. Structures that need to be torn down for safety, rebuilding, or any other reason can be demolished by Creative Excavating using their powerful, high tech equipment.

Complete Pad Preparation and Grading

Before any construction can begin, the land must be prepared in the best way to suit the future project. Creative Excavating can prepare a rough piece of ground contoured to the client’s specifications. A well-prepped space is the best start to any project.


Waterfalls are a terrific way to bring natural elements into a variety of spaces. Backyards, pool areas, and a business’ landscaping can all benefit from a serene and beautiful waterfall. Clients can use their own creative ideas or consult with Creative Excavating to create the perfect waterfall for their space.

Pool Excavation

Designing the perfect pool is one of the best ways to increase the enjoyment of an outdoor space. Pools provide years of fun, relaxation, and comfort during the warmer months. With Creative Excavating, an in-ground pool can be dug to the size and shape desired by the homeowners. The possibilities for a beautiful pool are nearly endless.

Septic Systems

While not as fun as pools and waterfalls, septic systems are essential parts of many homes and businesses across the St. George area. For home and business owners who are unable to connect to local sewer lines, a septic system must be put into place. Creative Excavating can excavate the areas needed to accommodate a septic tank and all its necessary pipes and extra features. Preparing to install this vital piece of equipment can be a breeze with the right crew doing the prep work.

No matter which service is needed, Creative Excavating has the recommendations, experience, and licenses needed to get the job done right.