Happy Birthday Royce!

Holy cow, its Royce’s birthday!  He’s getting up there in age, so make sure he gets his punches today so he is reminded of how old he is!
Creative wouldn’t happen with out Royce, were grateful to have Royce and all of his time and effort he puts into the company. He keeps everyone hopping and on there toes to go above and beyond. Royce is happy and optimistic.  Loves to enjoy life for what it is, definitely lives it up as far as going out of comfort zone and trying anything and everything.  Dress code to events.  Ha Ha!
Royce enjoys his wife Sonia and his two dogs.  He enjoys just having a good time and hanging out where the fun is.  However, his all time favorite is downhill mountain biking.  As Royce always says, “Live Action”!!!
Happy Birthday Royce…

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