Company Retreat to the Beaver Mountains

August 8-10 Creative Exc. decided to treat their company by taking them out to the hills in Beaver Mountain. As a company we always like to reward our employees by giving them a summer and winter break by giving them the choice of what they would like to do, and this is what they decided this year.

We had a great time in the hills in the LaBaron Meadows. We went Paintballing, which was everyones favorite as you can see in the pix a lot of wounds took place. Kids rode four wheelers none stop in the big open meadows as well as hike around and hunt for bugs. Shooting took place, which the kids barely missed shooting a squirrel and of course you always have to take kids fishing. Lehi Steed had to top it off with his big screen TV with movies, P3, X-Box and Wii. What! Ya, We must say that was the icing on the cake.

We appreciate all of our employees and all they do. We want them all to know they play a very important role in their positions and we wouldn’t be a company without them.

When You Lose a Bet at Creative, You Can be Sure Paint Balls Will be Involved!

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