Checklist For Equipment Operators

1- Train equipment operators in the proper use of the equipment they are assigned to operate. Be sure to follow manufacturer’s specification and recommendations.
2- Continually evaluate safety programs to address changing conditions at the jobsite.
3- Clearly identify and label all machine controls and make sure that the manufacturer’s safety features are working.
4- Install and maintain equipment attachments and their operating systems according to manufacturer’s specifications.
5- Securely latch attachments (such as quick disconnect buckets) before work begins.
6- Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for using positive locks on quick-disconnect equipment.
7- Train operators to conduct visual and operational checks on all machine systems and operating controls before working equipment.
8- Make frequent visual insection’s of quick-disconnect systems, especially after changing attachments.
9- Use the ROPS and seat belts supplied by the manufacturer. Do not remove the ROPS.
10- Do not exceed load capacities when lifting materials.
11- Instruct operators to lower the boom to a safe position with the bucket on the grand and turn off the machine before stepping off for any reason.

Credits for article: CDC.Gov/Noish