Retaining block wall in St. George

Block Retaining Wall

Paul Johnson is building a block retaining wall in Northbridge lot #246. This wall is a 3 tier block retaining wall. We hauled in dirt to built up the house pad. The wall consist of 15 fill behind the retaining wall.

Dairy Queen


Congratulations Southern Utah, there is a new Dairy Queen in town on the Sunset side. Bundle cut through Dixie Downs road, one of the busiest roads on that end of town. He completed this job on schedule and on budget. Good job Bundle!

Ledges Rock Stairs

Here are some stairs we stacked for a home owner in the ledges.  Stairs are one of the more technical things you can do and takes an extremely talented operator.  Lehi Steed made these look easy.

F & M


Here is a 22 foot high by 575 foot long wall that we stacked next for a steel fabricating shop in Washington.  Engineers tell us it is the 5th biggest block retaining wall in the Washington County.  All the employees did a great job at completing this job.

Sun River Wall

We received a 56,000 square foot project from Sun River. Were chipping away out and have completed 7,000 square feet so far. This wall looks like it came from a manufacture company it looks that good. Its so straight and precise.

Telegraph Towers Demolition

Telegraph Towers was a challenge, thanks to BA Robinson for doing a well job of putting a building together. It was nerve wrecking because you weren’t quite sure how this building was going to come down, that was hard because the building is on a main road and could crash a car, or could go the other direction and fall on the operator. James Jessop is very well at operating and was able to observe the building as he was tearing into the wall on how to take it down. You grab pieces at a time and hold them as they fall. It was crazy to see the wall bend so far back and not even break, it was like a flimsy board. Having an audience across the street sure makes you sweat making sure everything goes right, it was like putting on a demolition show for the community. (James Jessop). This wall took about 5 hours to rip down.

Sun River Demolition

Our first real demolition was the Sun Rivers Sales office. DoWayne Jessop was the one that had the honor of tearing this building down in the matter of 22 minutes Crazy, it takes months to build minutes to rip down. DoWayne had adrenaline running the minute his bucket went through the front door of the house (This is what happens when you don’t pay your bills, or Knock Knock). James Jessop was on the side spraying the house with the fire hose to keep the dabree down. It was a sight to see.