Can You Answer This Question

Can you answer this question in one simple sentence?

It’s a very difficult question. I’m not asking what you do for a living, I’m asking you what you specialize in?

If a customer finds you on google and clicks on your website for the first time what do they see in the first few seconds? What do they feel? Do they just see a company that does excavating or do they see a company that specializes in excavation work?

Charles Schwab
 Defining what your company is in the market place is something that most companies fail to do. It doesn’t have to mean you pick one thing and forget the rest however. You can define your business in other areas like customer service. Below is an example of a company that defined itself well in an area that has nothing to do with it’s ability to physically solve financial problems. Charles Schwab offers investment services as well as online trading. For a number of year’s they lost focus, they lost touch of what they specialized in. In the last couple of year’s they have refocused, they decided to specialize. What Schwab realized is that every other company could do what they do. They realized they were offering a commodity.  Schwab made a marketing decision to specialize in “customer service”. They came to the conclusion that it was an area that they could excel at. It was an area the competition wasn’t doing a good job at, so they made the decision to occupy that space. Charles Schwab accomplished the task, the customer service they offer is unparalleled in the industry. It’s become a game to find an unhappy person who answers the phone. It doesn’t happen. This is the power of focus.

Summary The market place is crowded. To do well in business and maximize it’s potential you need to specialize in something that’s important to people. You need to do it well, you need to occupy this space in the market so nobody has a chance to claim it.  Once you defined your company by deciding what your specializing in. This is also known to some as a business model. The focused effort to define yourself is where the profit it. It’s also where the fun is. So, can you answer the question? Can you clearly define your business in one simple sentence? Does that sentence register well in the marketplace? Here is a test. If you can define your business in one simple sentence then take that sentence and put it right in the header of your website. If it really is good, if it really does define your business model then that’s easily the most valuable sentence on your website. It needs to be the first thing customers see.

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