st george santa clara river excavation

Beautiful St George Excavation Project

The Virgin River that runs through St George is a stunning place and has been a location of a tremendous amount of excavation to make it what it is. Do you remember in 2010 when it flooded? If you lived here in St George you remember, utter chaos. Here’s a link to a video that shows it:

Now look at the comparison of the two. This picture shows one of the bridges along the river that allows people to walk/bike across this beautiful place. During the flooding excavators geared up and tried to help as best they could, and then afterwards we worked tirelessly on improving the Virgin so this would never happen again.

We didn’t work just so it wouldn’t happen again, we also worked to make it more accessible for people. We’re not done yet but as you can see from this picture things are coming along just fine.

We were there and donated time and machines by staying and helping out the following day with the homes that fell in Santa Clara. We just tried to keep all the big debris out of the way. It was a hard few days helplessly watching peoples lives getting washed away. But we feel lucky to have been there to help and to continue helping contribute to the beautiful Virgin River in St George.

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