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Summer Time is Pool Time

There are many reasons people decide to get a pool in their yard. They are a terrific place to gather family and friends, they can add value to a home, and they are so refreshing on hot and humid days. It’s no wonder that, as of 2013, nineteen percent of homes in the United States […]

Helpful Excavation Tips

When you build a new home, you are required to excavate the land before you lay the foundation. This is not only important for laying the foundation but also for the plumbing and electrical systems. There are a lot of factors that go into excavating land for a home. Making sure the soil is just […]

What Is A Sewer Tap?

If you are planning to have a new home or even a new business establishment and there’s a municipal sewer district then you also need to have a municipal sewer line located near the property. Where is it located? The sewer stub installed in the main sewer line has its stub line run at the […]