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Ivory Homes @ Hidden Valley

Ivory Homes has been an outstanding long term customer of Creative Excavating Inc. We do all of thier excavation. We dig and backfill all of their basements, install utilities, install road ways,and final grade subdivisions andindividual lots.

100 E. 229 S.

We are working on 100 E. 229 S. doing an over-x for an individual personal home. We over-x his house 6 feet below slab and imported fill to bring pad up to grade.


Were about to start our Utah State Land District job, were importing rock and structrual fill to start the job.

Telegraph Towers

We hauled in, place, and compacted 5,000 yards of structural fill to create the pad for this building. We also over-x underneath the footings 10 feet and re-compacted it back to make sure its solid foundation….

Dixie State College

We just about wrapped up our contract with DSC, but their are a few change orders we need to complete. Our contract with DSC was to prep for volleyball court and gazebo and grade the park. They added a few change orders in the middle of the job that were in the middle of completing.